Apple Music / iTunes Storeでの配信コンサルティング

■ ビジョン


MEGADOLLYは、従来のレーベル(ジャンルやカラーを絞って制作する)でも、ディストリビューター(基本的に制作には関わらず流通だけをする)でもない、新しい形の「音楽のソーシャル・ハブ」になるべく、全世界と直接配信契約しているApple Music / iTunes Storeで多様な音楽を発表し、音楽と人がクロスする場へ熟成させたいと考えています。

■ プロセス

Apple Music / iTunes Storeでの配信には、以下のプロセスが必要です。


MEGADOLLYでは、様々な音楽制作に携わってきた安田寿之を中心に、どのプロセスに対しても必要作業に対応することができます。どの段階からであっても、最終的なApple Music / iTunes Storeへのアップロード、プロモーションまで一括して行うことが可能です。

■ 条件

上記のように、楽曲制作がどの段階であっても、Apple Music / iTunes Storeへのアップロードに向けてリーズナブルに対応いたします。




■ 発売作品


 Consultancy of releasing at Apple Music / iTunes Store

■ Vision

Recently music are produced in various ways and scales. Big music industries that are produced, advertised and tried to earn by on large scales have been becoming unpopular among markets. On the other side it’s becoming popular that musicians themselves represent like as their own labels and provide their music without conventional and meaningless margins using internet directly to listeners. Both musicians and listeners are eager for these direct and speedy distribution ways.

MEGADOLLY is neither just a music label (produces concentrative genre or color) nor a conventional distributor (basically has nothing to do with productions and only deposit). We release omnivorously on directly-signed Apple Music / iTunes Store worldwide in order to be a new “Social hub in music” and raise ourselves to a place that music and people are crossing mutually.

■ Process

To release on Apple Music / iTunes Store, you’ll need the process below.

composing, arranging, performing, recording, mixing, mastering, preparing artwork and credits and uploading

MEGADOLLY totally supports your production in any stages mainly by Toshiyuki Yasuda who has been producing variously.

■ Conditions

As above, we can work out any steps of music productions at reasonable prices for uploading to Apple Music / iTunes Store.

We set a lower handling fee than major aggregators.

And we hope to deal with free and interesting music that jump up from genres or communities.

Please contact here to begin with.

■ Releases

You can refer here.

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